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Max Demjaniuk

Max has been working in IT technologies since 2015. He was an advisor to the Ministry of Digital Transformation 2021-2022.

He studies integral philosophy, social and economic foundations of identity formation.

Julia Legka

HR consultant and community promoter, member of the Impact UA ecosystem. Not indifferent to changes in Ukraine.

Helps with posting stories on the site.

Kateryna Shepel

PR specialist. 5+ years in journalism and communications.

Takes exclusive interviews, communicates with the media and helps to record stories.

Uliana Durbak

Engineer and entrepreneur. Works on improving the efficiency of commercial soilless growing of plants.

She believes in the bright future of Ukraine and spreads the stories of the project abroad, translating them into English.

Diana Pasko

Teacher. Works as a Customer support representative.

Animal rights activist in the information and media field.

Interested in Gestalt psychology.

Waiting for her boyfriend who is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Khabarov

A numbers person, a spreadsheets person, and an analytics person. Helps to spread the stories.

Max Lungu

Graphic designer, SMM, and musician.

Helps with the visual component of the project.