December 27, 2022


I am a resident of Baklanova-Muraviyka, Chernihiv region. Our village was evacuated. Only 60 residents remained, including me and my neighbor.

We did not leave because our defenders, our dear boys lived here. They are our saviors! If not for them, those fascists would have reached us. They were in the village of Lukashivka.

Soldiers were shelling them [russian soldiers] over a ditch. The shells flew about 3 kilometres and over our village. In return, they [russian soldiers] shot right at us [civilians].

Half of the village was smashed and burned. It was a horror, my house and neighbors suffered. The planes were flying and bombing farms. We were hiding in the cellar, then on the street. There was no gas or electricity to cook.

This horror lasted a month, but thank God our boys and we are alive. However, there were wounded 🙁

The author of the story: Tetiana Povzhyk

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