May 19, 2022


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For more than a month, I did not write anything about the war, what I saw with my own eyes, and what I felt. Yesterday, photos from our village appeared on almost all [news] sources, although its name was not mentioned in the war chronicles before.

I will not post photos of executed and tortured villagers because everyone has already seen them. I have no photos from the days of occupation as somehow I did not think to record anything. There are only videos of the movements of the orcs’ column because that was the only way I could help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy these creatures.

On February 24, we decided to go from Kyiv to my parents in Motyzhyn. It’s a village just off the highway. Who could be interested in it? We were so mistaken.

On February 27, rashists entered the village in a large column and immediately began shooting at houses. The electricity supply was cut off, followed by water, heat, and communications.

As the days passed, we stopped distinguishing dates or days of the week. There was only morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The house went cold, and we put on whatever warm clothes we had. What we wore during the day, we slept in at night. We slept in the basement. There were days when we spent the whole time there because of the heavy shelling.

Before the war, my parents had a small quail farm. Unfortunately, without light and food, the birds could not live long. We had to slaughter almost all the quails and give them away to neighbors because some of them were running out of food. My father kept some quail so there would be eggs. We turned on the generator for 30 minutes a day to charge phones and pump water. We were afraid to turn it on for longer than that because the generator was so loud that orcs could hear it and come. My parents had a gas tank, which saved us. We could cook hot food and get at least a little warm.

None of the villagers went outside on the streets. Everyone was hiding in their homes. Only the rashists rode through the streets. Almost always, they were shooting at houses as they were driving.

One day, we decided that I would try to escape by my car and get my daughter, sister-in-law, and niece out. My parents and my brother stayed behind. When we had already packed a bag with some belongings and documents, we learned that the orcs had shot the cars with the villagers, who were also trying to escape from the occupation.

I don’t know where I got my strength for this trip. I just acted like a robot.

The worst part was saying goodbye to my family and not knowing if we would all see each other again.

We wrote “CHILDREN” on sheets of paper, tore white bedsheets and tied them to sticks, waited for the rashists to pass us, opened the windows in the car so we could hear their vehicles from afar, and drove away. Only a few weeks later, I started to realize how dangerous this journey was and that we were born under a lucky star. We did not encounter any orcs on our way. We only saw the enemy’s equipment shot down and shot civilian vehicles.

The village had been under occupation for more than a month. My parents are alive and well, and it’s a miracle.

There is much they did not tell us. The terrible days were about a week before liberation. That’s when the rashists marched through the village, shot at the windows and doors of every house, threw grenades into the yards, and destroyed all the cars standing there. After a grenade hit a neighboring house, the garage there caught fire. My parents and their neighbors waited for the orcs to leave and started extinguishing the fire with water from the lake. They managed to save the house. Orcs tortured another neighbor, who had treated my parents to coffee and chocolate the day before. He was found yesterday, shot with his hands tied.

The village headman with her husband and son were also found yesterday. They had been kidnapped and tortured. Then they were shot and covered with sand at the spot where rashist equipment was parked and from where they shelled our positions. There are many more of these dead residents. There is still no light, heat, or gas in the village because the area is mined.

Today my daughter Darina turns 18 years old. We planned to celebrate her birthday on a trip, but instead, we will celebrate in the basement of our house.

Instead of loud congratulations from friends, we hear loud explosions. And we will never forget this horror because every daughter’s birthday will remind us of the war waged by the russians. And the culprits in this war are not only the bully with his gang but also those who silently sympathize with us, who are “very concerned,” and who believe russian media. russian mothers who send their sons to murder are guilty, and traitors who helped russia prepare sabotage are also guilty. May they all be damned !!! russians, remember that this war will be the momentum for the collapse of russia!!!

I’m scared, but I’m glad I’m in Ukraine these days. I am proud that my daughter and I are Ukrainian. I am proud of our military and civilian defenders, who are frantically driving the enemy out of our land. Ukraine was and remains free. No one will be able to defeat us because we are free people!!! There are traces left in the sky by a fighter jet this morning.

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