May 19, 2022


Original post: Translated and edited by our team.

A story about idiots.

4 Russian tanks entered a village in the Sumy region. The locals were sitting inside the houses watching with interest the life of mammals. The tanks stopped, the crew got out, two tanks drained the fuel in the other two, and everyone left. Two empty tanks stood in the middle of the village. Locals quickly got outside, stuck Ukrainian flags in the tanks, and ran back inside the houses. Everyone sits and waits. The first two tanks returned (probably found some fuel), saw the two tanks with Ukrainian flags, and started shooting at them. They destroyed the tanks, approached them, realized these were their own and got upset. The locals quietly burst out laughing.

The two remaining tanks started driving around the village (apparently got lost). There is a bridge for 5 tons for passenger cars. One tank drew onto it, the bridge collapsed, and the tank dove headfirst into the river, drowning the whole crew. Locals started laughing out loud. There was one tank left. It drove around, found a ditch, and turned over there. The crew got out, tried to push it, left that tank lying there, and went home. This is how one village, without a single shot, defeated four tanks of the russian occupiers with only two Ukrainian flags.

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