May 12, 2022


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On the road again.

The first sirens sounded in Kolomyia this evening. After all, we didn’t understand whether it was a drill or not. After going down to the shelter and spending some time there, we decided to drive further. Night. Mountains. Snow. Forest. Traffic jam. We stand again in one place for hours. I understand once more that we are an unbelievably cool team. The child is sleeping peacefully in the chair to my left. The dog on the right does the same.

To somehow lift our spirits, we dream of peace.
“I close my eyes and see us near a house. Everything is green, beautiful all around. Peace. Mountains. I’m wearing a hat, and I’m drawing a landscape. (Yes, I brought with me one dress, a hat, and paints),” I say.
“I like.”
“Will I get a goat? I always wanted to. I know how to milk her.” I dream.
“We will rent it temporarily.” he laughs.

At this point, we are being sent important information and hope to go abroad together.
“Hooray!!!” I say happily.
“Yayyyyy! I could already smell the forest and your goat. Now what to do, ctrl Z?”
We laugh. In order not to go crazy.

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