May 12, 2022


Original post: Translated and edited by our team.

22 days of full-scale war.

Today I had a dream.

The war is over.

Ukraine is free.

There are no enemies on our land.

We cry a lot.

From joy, relief, fatigue, sadness, grief for the dead, gratitude to soldiers, doctors, volunteers, and communal workers.

Out of love for every Ukrainian who stayed in the country or who is far beyond its borders.

We travel to our dear-to-heart cities and mourn them.

We pay tribute to each of the victims and thank each other for surviving.

And then we return home from all over the world. We fly like jellyfish to the hive. We hug relatives and friends, gather at a common table, and thank God that everything is over.

Men return to their families, and women, finally relaxed, fall into their arms.

“Now I can exhale and be weak. If I want to”,  says every woman.

And men know that the prayers and faith of women in the rear have helped them return home alive.

Female warriors embrace children and loved ones with a special tenderness.

They are respected. They are admired.

And then I dreamed of the “Great Construction” of the whole nation, whole country. Large-scale, beautiful, with modern architecture, and, of course, energy efficiency in mind.

The dream was full of beautiful, bright and peaceful things. I can’t describe everything.

The last thing I remember is how mothers lull their young children in the evening with a slight flicker of night lights, singing lullabies.

And the house smells of fragrant pastries.

I had a dream.

Yes, I know it will happen very soon.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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