About the project

We created the War Stories project to collect stories from people who have gone through or are going through the war in Ukraine. These are first-hand accounts about bombings, battlefields, captivity, volunteering, fleeing, and other aspects of war. 

Mission: To spread the experience of ordinary people during the war in Ukraine and prevent the repeat of these tragic events in other countries by making people understand the consequences of imperialistic ambitions.

Purpose of the project: Collection and accumulation of first-hand eyewitness stories of war.

Why is it important?

  1. Ukrainians will have a collective experience, forever cutting off the connections from the “brotherly” aggressor state. Other people will understand how important it is to help Ukraine win this war and stop the centuries-long terror.
  2. We will avoid the spread of misinformation that distorts the true nature of the events.
  3. The world will be able to live through these events and feel the pain, suffering, and emotions that have descended upon Ukraine through the victims’ own experiences.
  4. We will do everything to help Ukraine win this war and stop this terror as soon as possible.


  • We only collect first-person stories
  • We collect only emotions, the “lived” primary experience that it is. Conclusions, predictions, and opinions are important too, but there are other resources for that.
  • Any experience is valuable and self-sufficient. Whether it is the experience of a military man or a refugee, a volunteer or a mother, all these equally fill our collective experience.